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In Need of Help? 

If you need help recovering from the June flood, assistance is still available. The Flood Recovery Project - Copper Country, created in October 2018, will assist Copper Country residents facing long term effects from June 2018 flooding, also locally known as the Father’s Day Flood.

Marci Vivian and Dennis Leopold staff the Flood Recovery Project - Copper Country as Disaster Case Managers, assessing needs and stand ready, reaching out to help those affected by the Father’s Day Flood. They work with the Copper Country Team Disaster Recovery Group – comprised of local church and community leaders, nonprofit and government agencies, and in partnership with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). UMCOR is the humanitarian disaster recovery arm of The United Methodist Church.

Marci and Dennis are located on the fourth floor of the old D&N Bank building (now Huntington Bank) in Hancock, Room 402, and can be reached by phone (906) 231-6856 or email dleopold@michiganumc.org and mvivian@michiganumc.org.

These case managers have compiled a list of flood-impacted residents from a variety of sources and have been making calls since early October. After initial contact is made and a need is expressed, a home visit is scheduled to further assess needs. From there, the plan is for the case managers to connect the residents-in-need to appropriate organizations and nonprofits and walk them through their full recovery process.
The disaster case manager service does not cost residents anything, they simply have to reach out to Vivian and Leopold indicating they need help to start the process or opt in when they receive a call from the case managers.

Funds for flood recovery are being collected through the Keweenaw Community Foundation located in Hancock as well as Lutheran Social Services–Lutheran Disaster Response c/o Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Houghton.