Stay Safe. Stay Strong. 

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, we encourage all Copper Country residents to stay strong in their efforts to stay safe. 

Why Stay Safe?

  • Fewer people will get sick.
  • Better chances of our schools and daycares safely welcome children throughout this school year. 
  • Economic activity will be able to resume and strengthen as we move forward.

This summer we saw an incredible amount of tourists, and because our community focused on staying safe, we’ve been able to stay open. Please stay strong with that vigilance. 

How to Stay Safe

  • Social Distance - Keep six feet of distance between yourself and others.
  • Wash Hands - It remains a good practice to frequently wash hands. It’s also suggested to keep hand sanitizer nearby and use it frequently, especially when coming in and out of public spaces. 
  • Wear Mask - For the safety of you and those around you, it’s currently mandated in Michigan to wear a mask. 

While these basic tips will get you started, we also invite you to visit the Public Guidance page put together by the State of Michigan. That page provides guidance that applies across the state, including an easy-to-read table with restrictions by category. 

Public Guidance 

Stay Strong

Stay home if you are sick. Visit our “Do You Have COVID-19?” page to learn what you should do if you feel like you might be experiencing symptoms or think you were exposed to the virus. 

Help is available. There is an incredible amount of resources available to those who live in the Western Upper Peninsula. If you’re struggling with paying bills, acquiring food, finding healthcare, in need of mental health support, or need transportation, we have put together a great resource guide for you that gets updated regularly. 

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